Other Pat is currently running a one-of DnD dungeon crawl for our weekly game night, so the next couple weeks won’t feature many table top photo ops. In the meantime, I managed to get some color on the first of the ZONA ALFA demo figs.

A Military crew with a Guide, a Medic, and a Technician, this is a solid, general purpose team. Lead Adventure figs on 32mm mdf bases.

DSCF3118 (2)DSCF3122

Some individual pictures.


Settling into the new game room but the LED lighting and the small basement windows make it difficult to get decent photos. Anyone have small, portable lighting ideas?

Have an excellent day.

Za Zdaróvye, STALKER!

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  1. Lovely work- can’t go wrong with a bit of post apoc stuff.



    1. Thanks much. No, especially when it’s STALKER-flavored.

  2. Great stuff! Re: photography, do you edit your pics after taking them? I always do, either in Photoshop or on my smartphone using the built in editing software. You can really achieve some nifty effects!

    1. Thanks.
      I do, but they need more all-around light. I used to get it from the full-view door and double-hung window on the front of the old game room at certain times of day, but the only natural light in the basement comes through one tiny cellar pullout. Oh well, it’s a trade off. I’ll figure something out.

  3. There are small portable 12-15 led lights used for tents, or working on the car, etc. I have 3 and use those to great effect. They can be positioned right on the table for directional light or magneted to a tripod for overhead lighting. (as they have a magnet on the back)

    1. Ah… excellent. Thank you. *heads to Amazon*

  4. Love the pictures and batreps. I read snippets of information that you are getting these rules published by someone else. Any firm dates about when that is likely to happen?

    1. Glad you like the photos and AARs.

      Yes, Osprey took interest in Zona Alfa and was gracious enough to add it to their stable of war game titles. The rules are going through a second draft and an artist has been commissioned for the cover and interior images, but official publication is still a year off. It might get done sooner but there are too many moving parts to provide a guarantee. I suspect we’ll all have a better idea once more of the pieces are in and complete. I’ll do everything I can to stay on schedule and post regular updates here.

      Thanks again. Have an excellent day.

  5. This is fantastic, I found out about the game yesterday while scrolling through stalker stuff.
    I ordered the rule book straight away. I have played stalker non stop for 10+ years and always wanted a table top game to represent it.
    cant wait to get stuck in, I kit bashed 3 minis painted up today ready to go.

    1. Hi James. Thanks for weighing in. Always good to hear from another STALKER fan. Be aware Zona Alfa has that Zone flavor baked-in but is otherwise generic for IP reasons. Let me know if you have any questions and if you’re on FB, look into the Stalker7 Group. 1,100 members. Good group of people. Lots of ideas, optional rules, terrain and miniature inspiration. Take Care.

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