Keiretsu Special Action Operatives

Whilst pre-ordering two Osprey rule sets the other day, I picked up Fistful of Kung Fu. I’ve only managed a read-through so far, but it seems like a fun little game fully capable of handling cinematic cyberpunk, Splinter Cell type games. Thus inspired, I dug through the misc fig box, did a little brushwork, and came up with two forces.

Security at Sumitomo Industries
Security at Sumitomo Industries
Avery Hsiang and Mk IV Mantis Security Droid
Avery Hsiang and Mk IV Mantis Security Droid
Two KDAO with Wasp Recon Drone. AKA "Goryō Squad"
Two KSAO with Wasp Recon Drone. AKA “Goryō Squad”
cpunkseta 009
Goryō One
Goryō Two
Goryō Two

cpunkseta 017 cpunkseta 021

We’re starting a Post Apoc campaign in two weeks, so I’m uncertain when I’ll field test these rules and figs, but it’s on the radar. (I mean barely on the radar. More of a glitch of static really. While having a limited duration, full-spectrum stealth gear is highly effective at foiling even advanced, multi-layered security systems.)

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  1. Nice looking minis. So do you feel that Pulp Alley is no longer sufficient for cyberpunk/near future skirimish?

  2. Not at all. Pulp Alley is a great ruleset. No question. I’m simply dipping my toes in another pool, so to speak.

    Also, I’m at a stage in my hobby/gaming life where Simpler is Better. The guys I game with aren’t into thick rule books, army lists, charts, different die types, special rules, etc. They want Checkers not Chess, so I’m always on the look out for mechanics that can accommodate that, PLUS my extensive, eclectic range of figs. FoKF not only looks fast and fun, has good back and forth, but uses common D6s.

    I’ll post Bat Reps and my thoughts after we get a couple games under our belt.

    Take Care.

    1. Thanks for the reply. I am in the same boat. I have tons of minis from different defunct games, so I would rather use them instead of buying new minis.

      1. Osprey has a set of Spec Ops rules due in Oct, so that might fill the bill. I’ll see – it was one of the preorders I made.

        Take Care

  3. Christophe Bedeaux Avatar
    Christophe Bedeaux

    Hello Patrick,

    I am a french wargamer, 54 old and i like your blog and your inspiring scenry.

    I don’t know if there are a lot of french fans but I did a french translation of your CTE rules.

    You can publish it if you want.

    Best wishes, Christophe

    1. Hey Christophe,

      My goodness, thank you so much for the kind words and the translation. I’m glad you enjoy the S7 site and hope you get good mileage out of the CtE core mechanics.

      As far as French fans, I don’t know either. You are the first to contact me. Please pass CtE around. It’s free so use it, tweak it as desired.

      Best Regards,
      Patrick T.
      “Dentatus” on LAF, TMP and wherever else there is cool gaming stuff.

  4. Great looking game and miniatures. I’ve got you Hardwire rule set and have been putting together teams. I’ve seen the operative before but can’t place them. Who makes them? The drone is from bombshell?

    1. Thank you very much. The drone is from DP9. Caprice faction, IIRC. Scrounged a blister pack of them off eBay.

      1. Thank you. What make is the operator with the nods and mp5? Was that a kit bash?

  5. Kit bash based on a Reaper Chronoscope fig. Head is from AT43, 1 gun from Heresy and the other mashed from plastic pieces I found in my bitz box.

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