Game Night 8/27

So I’m getting a little jealous of the camera on my buddy’s phone. And I lost this time, which rubs salt in the wound. It’s kinda pissing me off.

OK, got that out of the way.

Any recommendations on a decent digital camera for minis?

All our recent games have been straight up brawls, what with my friend wrapping his head around game mechanics and familiarizing with his Haqq force. So there’s not much narrative for a Bat-Rep. Unless you count, “Advance to contact, then slug it out.” He won this game using his rocket launcher specialist to pop in and destroy the Comms relay station.

Here are some pictures:

Drone activates first
Drone activates first

This shot is one of the reasons I love gaming.

Even though the Kem Var lost, this was my MVP.
Even though the Kem Var lost, this was my MVP.
You'll never take me alive!
You’ll never take me alive!

Grenadier advances AFTER Drone takes out mono-bikes. Smart...
Grenadier advances AFTER Drone takes out mono-bikes. Smart…
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6 responses to “Game Night 8/27”

  1. You do know how to make other players extremly envious… 😉

    1. Thanks. Not my intention at all.

      That’s just how it’s supposed to be, IMO.

      1. I do agree: other players should be envious! 😉

  2. That match looks awesome!! I am so so so jealous of that amazing terrain. And the minis looks BOSS.
    Sadly though, I have no recommendations on cameras for minis other than a DSLR with a macro lens?

    1. Thanks very much. Glad you like it. The terrain is years of accumulated pieces/projects culled down to my favorites. Painting-wise, my brushwork is ‘above average gaming standard’.

      There’s a DVD by Blue Table I’d like to pick up someday. Maybe learn how to paint properly.

      Camera… better start saving my pennies for a new one. I’m still shocked at how good his iphone camera is. The images are in-game, on the table, without any extra lighting or staging.

  3. Let me give props where props are due … and sadly (although not without a smirk I say), it’s not with Apple. These pics were taken with a Samsung Galaxy S4 (yes, a cheap plug). The camera is amazing in low light situations. Pat, your brushwork is top notch and your terrain is amazing.

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