Blood and Bone

This is a game about killing monsters. All kinds, anywhere, any time.
You and your friends are members of the NIGHTWATCH: an ancient order of warriors, trackers, wizards, and alchemists dedicated to hunting the malevolent creatures that terrorize humanity.

Nightwatch: Blood and Bone is a tabletop adventure game set in a dark fantasy world where players band together to hunt monsters. Designed with 28mm miniatures in mind, Blood and Bone is a cooperative, miniature-agnostic rule set that combines miniature war gaming with a rules-light, role-playing system.

Suitable for most fantasy settings from the Dark Ages to the Black Powder era, Blood and Bone offers expanded character classes, a menu of mix-n-match traits to flavor your enemies, along with new weapon, equipment, and magic rules, to bring more depth, detail, and danger to your game sessions.

Gather your friends, grab your cool miniatures, and gear up. You’ve got monsters to kill.

Nightwatch Blood and Bone. Another game from the creator of Zona Alfa, Exploit Zero, Nightwatch Terror and Treasure, Insurgent Earth, and more.

Thank you.

4 responses to “Blood and Bone”

  1. Excellentn- hope it sell as well as it deserves to.



    1. Thank you, Pete.
      A big project done. Now on to the next one.

  2. How exciting! My group has been eager to play this.

    1. Thank you. It’s much more clear and concise now, thanks to you.

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