Extraordinary Rendition

Quick Announcement: Extraordinary Rendition – a mission pack for Exploit Zero is now available at Wargame Vault in PDF.

Full color, loaded with pictures, it’s a five-part, mini-campaign designed for beginner to intermediate players. Your four Agents are tasked to ‘reacquire’ a corporate defector, defend and deliver him safely to waiting transport, then initiate follow-up operations to keep the competition off balance.

The supplement includes pre-generated player Agent profiles, generic H-SEC stats, one unique H-SEC Agent profile, as well as mission briefs and set up suggestions for each game.

Good hunting, Agent. Have an interesting weekend.

4 responses to “Extraordinary Rendition”

  1. Great!
    Just threw $5 at it.

    FWIW, (relatively) small, inexpensive add-on content like that is just what I like.

    Ideally I want one core rulebook for my games, and then scenario style add-ons.

    1. Thank you very much.
      I figured $5 was reasonable for a 5-mission campaign.
      I agree about the core rule book. I always want to encourage other to make their own stories, which means I’m reluctant to pump out my own scenarios like some kind of ‘official’ line.
      People seem to enjoy them, though. So I guess I’ll have to keep at it.
      Have a good weekend.

  2. Very nice.
    Is a print planned?

    1. Thank you.
      No print version. Too short, too much color, too many images.

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