Operation String Bet

OPERATION STRING BET is a five-mission campaign supplement for Insurgent Earth ā€“ Resist or Die, the science fiction, tabletop miniatures game of survival and combat on Earth after a massive alien invasion.

Designed to accommodate up to five players, (five Resistance characters) Operation String Bet offers new Player Character options, new equipment, and new Alien Occupation Force enemies.

The invaders are building something in the old industrial park south of town. Whatever it is, they’re very protective – which means you definitely need to blow it up. 

The Global Resistance Network is offering help, so grab your weapon, gather your friends, and head out. This planet isn’t going to save itself.

NOTE: This is a supplement for INSURGENT EARTH. You need that core rule book to get the most out of this material.

Available at WargameVault in PDF HERE

Thanks and good hunting.

3 thoughts on “Operation String Bet

  1. I grabbed that PDF straight away.

    Won’t get to take a look at it for a while yet, but as I have painted up a few figures as “Terminator” style survivors recently, it hopefully won’t be too long.

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