Little Nightmares

Lately, a big chunk of my working hours have been spent writing, play-testing, and re-writing When Nightmares Come, my next set of war game rules for Osprey Wargames. Leaning into a modern-era, supernatural horror theme, Nightmares blends narrative scenes and RPG elements with successive combat encounters as the players hunt down a terrifying, otherworldly menace.

This post will be light on specifics for many reasons, the least of which is the kinks are still getting hammered out in certain areas. But I can say Nightmares is built on the Exploit Zero/Nightwatch/Insurgent Earth core, so players can expect a solid, mini-agnostic game with a relatively shallow learning curve. Read the book in an afternoon, run your first game that evening.

Like it’s cousins, Nightmares is designed for solo/cooperative play. It offers distinct character classes, along with a menu of Abilities, Skills, and Gear options, so players can create a team of unique Investigators and Monster Hunters. Add a variety of supernatural Adversaries with customizable traits and a simple campaign system that offers different paths for players to improve character abilities, upgrade gear, and cultivate favors with NPC organizations, and the possibilities for dangerous and engaging games goes through the roof.

Despite all the debate, discussion, re-working, we’ve been having a blast telling stories, making characters, collecting monster minis, and killing them.

More details as things develop, but I wanted to showcase some of the work that’s been going on behind the scenes for When Nightmares Come.

Thanks for stopping by. One last bit of advice: do NOT fumble your rolls when you interact with an Arcane Nexus.

11 responses to “Little Nightmares”

  1. Sounds like a game I would be interested in for sure!

  2. Looks good !

    1. Great more money I’ll need to spend. I understand that you write and creat game but can you please stop!? My wallet can’t take that damage!

  3. This looks like it will be another fun game from you.



    1. Hi Pete,
      Good to hear from you. Hope you’re well.
      Simple, fun… that’s what I want.
      Not everyone is into ‘supernatural horror’, but the hope is the underlying system, the core mechanics for the narrative and tactical elements, can be tweaked to fit just about any setting.
      have a good weekend.

      1. Nopt too bad thanks. Any narrative game is good for me.



  4. Can’t wait to try your new game! I have all your games and enjoyed them. I have particularly liked exploit zero n night watch. Insurgent earth not so much as it was a bit more complicated. So if it’s like another exploit zero type game,sign me up!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and weighing in.
      Sorry IE didn’t work for you. It is different, more complicated. I was trying for a different feel, one that better matched the setting of partisans fighting a superior occupying force.
      Upfront: Nightmares will likewise be tweaked to fit the investigative/horror theme. Still waves of monsters, but they’re more dangerous. Quality not quantity. The current model count for a full 6-game ‘Incident’ is 41 minis. (12 each of three tiers, 1 BBEG, and 4 Hunters/Investigators)
      Back to Exploit Zero though… have you tried Hostile Takeover?

  5. Sounds awesome!

  6. […] Little Nightmares @ Stalker7– This is a blog I really like, and I also really like the Zona Alfa rules that the author has published via Osprey Games. It’s cool to get a wee peek at what’s coming next. I also like that this is coming via Osprey. I like it when they bring back their good authors for new games. […]

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