Space Marines v. Orks.

Or the official title: Battle on Dolos V

It’s a streamlined, simplified, very modified, distant cousin to Games Workshop’s Shadow War Armageddon where small combat teams battle over supply caches on an industrial world.

SMORKS/BoDV is an intro war game for my two eldest grandsons. Power armored heroes, hulking adversaries, cool terrain, definite objectives, low model count with simple D6 mechanics make it a good way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Nothing fancy: alternating activation, set move rates and weapons ranges, a few special rules for faction flavor and commanders. Space Marines have better armor and shooting skills. Ork Kommandos are sneaky in cover and can brawl if they get to you.

Four clear objectives. Team that claims the majority wins but the even number means there’s always the possibility of a Draw. A 3 x 3 gridded mat for easy measuring and movement. Plenty of cover and some elevated positions. Short quick games with clear win conditions.

The two eldest came over Saturday afternoon, raided the game group’s snack shelves and fridge, and started right in trash talking how they were going to beat my Ork Kommandos to a pulp because they always win and I’m so terrible at this game stuff.

Oh really? OK then.

It’s on.

Instead of blundering into their firing lanes and dying dramatically with appropriate sound effects, I decided to up my game a notch – I’ll use cover this time. “Let’s Rock!” my Warboss shouted, a film reference that was lost on a 9 and 11 year old. Oh well.

Space Marines claimed two caches early on the Ork right, but the fire team on the left fell to my Kommando Boss – Sneakshank – allowing the greenskins to take that one.

More shots traded. An round or two of Ork melee, and the Chaplain’s team is in heavy contact on the right. With them suffering casualties and engaged, one of my Nobz scrambled up the ramp to grab the last cache. A Draw.

I’ll expand on the game a bit for next time. Add grenades, make sure I show my grandsons how and when to use special abilities. I’m also on the look out for reinforcements: a single Aggressor and a Killa Kan. That way I can introduce Heavy Support options. Guess it’s time to stalk eBay for a seller parting out the larger box sets. (or if anyone has one of each they’re willing to sell, let me know)

That’s all for now. Have an excellent day.

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  1. Following, always interested in this sort of thing. Have you tried one page grimdark firefight?

    1. Heard about it but no, I haven’t. Any good? More to the point – would it be easy for kids?

      1. It’s a free download and not too difficult

  2. Fun stuff, James. Thanks for sharing here and on TMP.

  3. That looks like it was great fun.



    1. Thanks Pete. *I* had fun. My grandsons on the other hand got a real taste of war’s bitter indifference to their heroic intentions and vocal protestations. Oh the agony…
      Thankfully, they consoled themselves with caramel popcorn, beef jerky, and orange seltzer.

  4. They look similar to a set of rules called Fubar one page very easy to learn and great for kids and new gamers. Pat sorry I missed you last week but seemed like you where to busy so maybe in August we’ll be up t visit daughter, would love to hang out and maybe do a game. John

  5. I’m sorry too. But now that the legal hassles for HW/EZ are (almost) over, I’m back to a normal level of ‘busy’. August sounds like a plan. We’ll figure something out then.

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