ZONA ALFA: Yuri’s Crew

After a spate of recent Zone tours turning sour, Yuri Bonyev is shifting away from working as a freelance guide and moving into what is euphemistically known “retrieval work”; searching the Exclusion Zone for valuable salvage and artifacts.

In preparation for ZONA ALFA‘s official release, I started modifying figs from The Assault Group’s Modern Russians and Viet Cong range – simple head swaps and adding bits of gear – to create unique figs for potential crew members.

Yuri himself is a Lead Adventure miniature with one of Pig Iron Production’s gas mask heads.

These are a mix of TAG’s Russians and VC with GW and Kromlech heads.

Here are a few shots of the entire crew.

I’ll add some support weapons later, but that’s a good pool of applicants to start.

ZONA ALFA – Salvage and Survival in the Exclusion Zone, is slated for a Jan. 2020 release from Osprey Wargames.

Good Hunting, comrade. See you in the Zone.

8 responses to “ZONA ALFA: Yuri’s Crew”

  1. They look great- looking forward to the game release. I read Roadside Picnic in preparation.



  2. Thank you.
    And good call on Roadside Picnic. Very literary. I was just going to play Call of Pripyat again.

  3. Do you play Dust 1947?

  4. I know of it but don’t play it. Warlord Games Weird War, right? Is it any good?

    1. It’s from Dust Studio. Warlord has a similar one. I like Dust but I am not unbiased. So, is Zona Alpha your rule set or Patrick Todoroff’s? I was a bit confused about who wrote them. Or are you he?

  5. I’m Patrick Todoroff. Stained Glass Artisan, SF/Fantasy author, Gamer, Rules Writer, and all around Grumpy Old Man.

    1. Good to meet you. I am Chris Lites, game designer and writer. Is there another place to contact you besides here?

  6. Gmail. CCGlazier at

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