ZONA ALFA: Yuri’s Crew

After a spate of recent Zone tours turning sour, Yuri Bonyev is shifting away from working as a freelance guide and moving into what is euphemistically known “retrieval work”; searching the Exclusion Zone for valuable salvage and artifacts.

In preparation for ZONA ALFA‘s official release, I started modifying figs from The Assault Group’s Modern Russians and Viet Cong range – simple head swaps and adding bits of gear – to create unique figs for potential crew members.

Yuri himself is a Lead Adventure miniature with one of Pig Iron Production’s gas mask heads.

These are a mix of TAG’s Russians and VC with GW and Kromlech heads.

Here are a few shots of the entire crew.

I’ll add some support weapons later, but that’s a good pool of applicants to start.

ZONA ALFA – Salvage and Survival in the Exclusion Zone, is slated for a Jan. 2020 release from Osprey Wargames.

Good Hunting, comrade. See you in the Zone.


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