Puppet Wars Light Infantry Troopers, part 1

Mentioned on Oct 5th I couldn’t resist the coolness that was PuppetWars new troopers. Well, a small parcel slathered with Polish stamps arrived the other day and I thought it would be worth a blogging this small project. So…

Secured with bubble wrap in a sturdy box. Which was good ’cause they’re resin and it’s a long trip from Poland. Recently bought the MERCS House 4 box set from a eBay seller, who stuffed the box in an envelope. Result: box smashed, pieces loose in package. Nothing was lost but kinda sloppy.

Here’s the sprues:

PWReview1 001

PWReview1 002

PWReview1 005

Obviously legs, torsos with arms/weapons, and heads. My batch was clean, crisp, with a little flash here and there. Nothing an Xacto can’t take care of. Components allow you to pose and mix/match to some degree, but they’d get redundant after a couple squads. Still, a larger force would have a nice consistent appearance and the action pose dynamic is good. (Hate the chorus line/on parade look)

Here’s the headless troopers on a nice set of Fenris Resin bases: (You need some of these)

PWReview1 008

PWReview1 009

PWReview1 010

So to end this portion, I’m pleased with the shipping, the figs, the pose-ability, the broad potential of these Troopers. Next I’ll work up a suitable color-scheme and get to painting.

LINKS: Puppet Wars and Fenris Games

Now if PW would release a complete 5-man squad of their Strike Armour, I’d place another order

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