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Blood and Bone is an iteration of the original Nightwatch: Terror and Treasure in the Dark Corners of the World rule set released in 2020. Like its predecessor, it is a relatively simple game meant for casual, cooperative play.

The use of the word “iteration” is deliberate; Blood and Bone is not meant to replace Terror and Treasure. If you want to get miniatures on the table and face waves of enemies while meeting simple mission objectives, the original game works fine.

Blood and Bone is a step up. Built on the same core mechanics, it adds a light RPG system along with expanded character classes, enemy traits, modified weapon, equipment, and magic rules, to offer a similar experience with more depth, detail, and danger.

Two Parts – Two Modes

To streamline game play as well as give both the role-playing and wargaming aspects their due, each game of Blood and Bone is divided into two distinct portions: a Narrative Scene and a Tactical Engagement. Each part has its own mode and procedures: round table, freestyle role-playing for the non-combat narrative challenges, and turn-based miniature wargaming with dice, rulers, and terrain for the tabletop battles. Combined, they create one chapter – or Encounter- in a larger story to stop a deadly and inhuman threat.    

Cooperative or Guided Game Play

Monster hunting is dark, dangerous work best done in the company of heavily armed, trustworthy companions, which is why Nightwatch: Blood and Bone is a cooperative game. Here, players work together over the course of several linked scenarios to track and destroy fiendish, unnatural threats.

These missions can be run exclusively by the players in strict cooperative mode, but the game – the narrative elements in particular – benefit greatly from the addition of a Game Master who will control the enemy models, oversee the story scenes, and improvise nuance and flavor into the experience.

The goal here is to offer a simple game for busy gamers. Get those cool miniatures on the table, generate a story, and start playing. Maximum flexibility and minimal preparation. Cooperative or guided, use whatever works for you and your group.

Gear up and get ready. You’ve got monster to kill.

7 responses to “Coming Soon”

  1. I cannot wait to get my tentacles on this !

  2. Awesome. We’ll be diving into a campaign at some point.

  3. Looking froward to it also.
    Will a hard copy be available?

    1. Absolutely. The pdf will be at Wargame Vault. Print at Amazon.

  4. Woohoo!!!

  5. Few questions:
    1) Is it strictly co-op or can it be played solo?
    2) Are the enemies more nuanced than “standard” Nightwatch (where there was no difference between a goblin or a ghoul or wolf etc. if they were from the same level of foe).
    3) How many minis for a particular level of foe one needs?

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for contacting me.
      1. The honest answer is while it can be played solo, it works better with a group and a Game Master. It adapts but does NOT have dedicated solo mechanics.
      2. Yes, the Dark Spawn now have a menu of traits so players can flavor them accordingly.
      3. Every Encounter uses two tiers of enemies. I recommend 12 of each tier, plus 1 alpha for each, and the final Big Bad Boss. So 40 enemy models for a full, 7 mission campaign.

      Hope that helps. Let me know if you have more questions.

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