Zona Alfa Crew 2 and Zone Hostiles

Weekly Game Night has been taken up with another DnD adventure, courtesy of Other Pat, and a two trial runs of the cooperative, cyberpunk game HARDWIRED. (more on that, later) In the meantime, I’ve managed to (nearly) finish the next draft of ZONA ALFA and get some color on a second crew.

Meet Lukov’s Luckless Bastards.


More great miniatures from Lead Adventure’s ‘Last Project’ PA range. Here are some individual shots.


I managed to snap pictures of some Zone Hostiles as well. Hostiles ‘spawn’ at key locations on the table when you search for salvage. Always good to have a comrade watching your back when you approach potential haul of loot. Or an Anomaly.


That’s it for now. Have an excellent weekend, and happy Memorial Day.

9 responses to “Zona Alfa Crew 2 and Zone Hostiles”

  1. Very cool- always like a good post apoc figure.



    1. Thanks, Pete. Much appreciated. The Lead Adventure figs paint up easy.

      1. I’ll have to look at picking some up.



  2. Highly recommend them, particularly if you’re into STALKER or METRO 2033.

  3. Great photos and minis 👍🏼

    1. Thanks. I tell you, Lead Adventure figs make me look good. They’re a real joy to paint.

  4. Figures and scenery look great! We seem to have both hit on the same solution for making a bloodsucker. I’m trying to get up the motivation to post all my Stalker miniatures on the LAF. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do for Burers and Controllers.

  5. Matthias Kellermann Avatar
    Matthias Kellermann

    Very interesting. I am converting some figures to represent humans.

    Is the Cthulhu headed monster a Genestealer conversion?

    I was considering one of these as an aberration of some sort:


    1. Apologies for the later reply. That’s a GW Khorne Bloodletter with ‘stealer parts. Minor kitbash. No real skill required.

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