Song of Mirrorshades and Shadows


Here’s the table set up from last Tuesday’s Game Night.

We’re in an intermission from our Fantasy “Whispers of the Liche King” campaign so I can paint up more baddies and build a couple terrain pieces.  To stay in the mood, Derek, Matt and I did a quick game of cyberpunk-flavored ASOBH – the Itchy Bang Gang versus NKPD Special Activities Department. We stole some traits from Fistful of Kung Fu but find the combat results table too fiddly. Stuck with straight SOBH melee and modified the results for Ranged attacks.

Game was a straight-up brawl. No real story, more test driving the streamlined combat mechanics. Seemed to work, so we’ll bolt on more chrome in the next games.


MELEE COMBAT = Per Standard ASOBH Melee Rules

DEFENDER WIN (RANGED) = Defender Dodge/No Effect

ATTACKER WIN BY 1 = Defender Recoils 1 Short toward nearest Cover.

ATTACKER WIN 2+ = Defender Prone (Auto Kill for any subsequent attacker win while Prone AND +2 to attacker’s C for Melee)

1 SHY of DOUBLE = Knocked Out. Can be revived by friendly. (3 Successful Q rolls. 2 if Medic. Auto Revive with Auto Doc. Can be Auto killed by melee enemy spending one action to attack. (cover or passive trait penalties apply but no defense roll possible)


TRIPLE = Gruesome Kill (force morale roll to allies in Long/LOS)


Jien Tien District of New Kong City
Some of the IBG
NKPD with Pacification drone.
That’s why God invented snipers
Damien Feuer, Street Mage
You have 30 seconds to comply!

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  1. So, how did the rule changes work for you?

    1. Ranged Combat was faster, more effective – which is how it should be, IMO. Still experimenting with Traits, figuring out how/where to add hacking and some kind of Skill checks. (Q rolls on 1,2,or 3 die) Stuff like that.

  2. Very cool!

  3. Great looking table & minis

    1. Thanks dude. Got last Tue’s WW2 Euro theater still on the table. VERY short game.Writing now but I’ll try for pix tomorrow.

      Hope all is well in your world.

  4. […] addition to the Itchy Bang Gang, my Shadowrun-esque cyberpunk crew. (see here for more on the IBG: Song of Mirrorshades and Shadows) He’s an ex-combat vet turned street soldier who brings solid experience and firepower to […]

  5. Did you ever expand these rules? I assume everything not ASOBH is Fistful of Kung-Fu?

    1. Nope, sorry to say. We went into a long stretch of Fantasy/ASOBH after this and didn’t circled back. I mean we did in a sense in that we’re back to cyberpunk now, but the group is leaning toward RPGs, so we’re using Interface Zero 2.0 , Savage Worlds edition. Five regulars each week in my small game room with a single 4 x 4 table is a tight fit; now that the group has grown, RPGs are just more accommodating.

      1. I’ve been messing around with Savage Showdown.

      2. You can get the entire SW core rules in softback on Amazon for under $9.

      3. Thanks, I have them. I’ve worked for PEG before. I have the first edition of Interface Zero as well. Good stuff.

      4. I just bought a spare copy and passed it on to Other Pat so another person in the group could familiarize themselves with the rules.

  6. Other Pat?

    1. My name is Patrick. Other Pat is the newest member.

      1. I thought that might be the case, but I was just literally talking online to my friend Pat, also a gamer, and was like, what?

  7. Righto.
    I’m painting up character figs this weekend but we wont’ start the actual session for two weeks. Derek is celebrating his anniversary nest Tuesday, so the rest of us will play a one-of ASOBH game.

    1. I played Mutant and Death Ray Guns last night. I like the ASOBH system, but there is a lot of randomness. I’m working on a system of my own, so am playing all kinds of things. That said, ASOBH is very fun. Going to try some Flying Lead later today after editing some stuff.

      1. ‘Randomness’ as in abstract weapons and traits? Or the vagaries of die rolls?

        We like it for its simplicity. You can stat out any fantasy fig, flavor him/her with some traits and maybe a bit of equipment, and go. Not a lot of book keeping or counters, simple combat resolution, easy movement/measuring, Easy to teach and remember.

      2. Vagaries of activation, mostly. I still enjoy it for all the reasons you listed, though. I like Rogue Stars as well, but that’s a lot of bookkeeping/counters.

  8. I had higher/different expectations for Rogue Stars. I was hoping more for ASOBH in space. Oh well.
    I think the increase reward/increase risk of 1-3 dice is neat, plus the turnover mechanism keeps both sides involved and breaks up the usual ping pong feel. But horses for courses…

    1. I like it, it’s just not my go-to for tactical play. Rogue Stars definitely has its issues.

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