Game Night Shots

Quick Gun Crawl last Tues eve as a salvage crew was contracted to infiltrate an abandoned bio-tech research lab and download files from three specific terminals.

“Oh and there might be rogue specimens wandering the halls. If you would be so kind? Thanks.”

Salvagers got off to a rough start, reaching Terminal One but losing the Tech’s drone soon after. Specimens swarmed the area, but judicious application of firepower, some favorable dice rolls, and strategic use of terrain carried the day. Nothing like dictating lanes of approach and concentrated full-auto.

Here are the pix.

The Abandoned Research Lab – staple of Sci Fi horror stories the world over.
Our Plucky Salvage Crew.


Some of the, erm… “rogue specimens”
More specimens, these ones have guns
“A dark and creepy hallway – great. Why does it always have to be dark and creepy?”
Send the drone first!
“Hey, I’ve been looking for that.”
A lot of sharp teeth and slavering fangs coming your way
Hate it when they can shoot back
BFBs at Terminal 2
“Cause that’s what plasma cannons DO!”

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