Side Note: Legend of Vox Machina

Disappointed with ‘Legend of Vox Machina’. Sophomoric. Cliched. Frat humor. Predictable. Amazon served up all the stereotypes and played to the cheap seats. *sigh*

We have richer stories that that, deeper characters, staggering creativity. And by ‘we’, I mean gamers, writers, GMs, the RPG community in general. There is a dragon’s hoard of amazing work and incredible people out there, but LoVM comes off as a steaming pile of ‘horny, murder hobo’ tropes.

Really? That’s the best you could do, Amazon?

I bet the good people at Critical Role are glad the check cleared. They should be. Their work is remarkable and the recognition overdue. But I wonder if they’re cringing at what the show says about the pastime and the community.

Try Netflix’ Dragon Prince or their League of Legends Arcane series. Much better

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  1. airbornegrove26 Avatar

    Dragon Prince is still my favorite fantasy cartoon right now, followed by Niko and the Sword of Light. Good shows and enjoyable to watch with the kids.

    1. Agreed, Dragon Prince was excellent. Watched a few episodes with my grand kids. Haven’t heard of Niko, but I’ll look into it.
      I want to plug League of Legends ‘Arcane’ on Netflix; it’s mature (not ‘adult’, more intense) and was far, far better than expected. Light years ahead of Cowboy BeeBop, IMO.

  2. I watched Dota:Dragon’s Blood & Castlevania on Netflix, good adult fantasy and very enjoyable.

    1. Those have come up in my Recommendations but I haven’t watched them. There are quite a few quality examples out there, makes me wonder why they aimed so low. Now the show might well improve – IMO, they can only go up. unless they start digging – but I tried the initial three episodes and decided I wasn’t missing anything if I never saw another. I’ll rewatch Netflix’ Daredevil or something.

  3. I haven’t seen VM, but you’ve crystallised my thoughts about ‘The Gamers’ which I thought was utter garbage.

    League of Legends was amazing!

    1. To be fair, I gave VM another chance and they eased off the frat house humor and moved onto standard DnD fare. Still, it’s nowhere near the story and character depth of Arcane.
      Again, I’m happy for Critical Role and hope they’re enjoying their commercial success. I just think they missed a chance to offer more than re-fried tropes.

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