ZP Squad 1

Creating faction squads for Zona Perestrelki, our latest iteration of home-brew skirmish rules for the STALKER-verse, I put together these five. Ex-military types, they have decent experience and gear. The figs themselves are Empress Miniatures Modern Russians with head swaps. Other faction squads on the painting table include Zone Enforcement troops,  a (heavily armed) U.N. Research Team, and RMU/Elite Bandits (Rogue Military Unit turned Mercenary)

These lads will be seeing action tomorrow night. Not my best work but decent enough to die in the Zone, eh? Wish them luck.

That’s all for now.  До свидания (Dasvidania)



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  1. Looks great so far. I love STALKER tabletop gaming, and have enjoyed your stuff in particular over the years. Will Zona Perestrelki be available as a download?

    1. Thanks so much. Glad you enjoy the site.
      Yes, ZP will be a available as a download, but only after we run it through some serious play-tests. I want to make sure it’s robust without being too complex. We’re hammering out the tweaked combat mechanics now. Then it’s on to basic AI for Hostile Forces, triggering Anomalies, and Searching for Artifacts/Scrounging for Loot. Depending on how much the holidays interrupt our weekly gaming schedule, I’m thinking it should be complete by the close of this year. Maybe Q1 2017.

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