The Boys of PanO

Picked up an Operation Icestorm PanO starter off eBay and applied my brushes yet again to the challenge of Infinity figs. I swapped out the female Fusilier for the character that previously suffered a disfiguring satin sealer hazing accident and here are the results. Aimed for a version of the stock color scheme and I’m fairly pleased with the results. I think I’m adapting my techniques/abilities to the sculpts’ detailing. End result is a nice 6-man skirmish force easily usable in a variety of games.

I’ve got a Cutter TAG on the way to round out the team with a bit of heavy firepower. More pics then.

PanO 008

PanO 002

PanO 003

PanO 005

PanO 012

PanO 015

PanO 016

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