Bunkers for Sho3box

As requested, some shots of two bunkers made from electrical junction boxes and assorted gribbly bits. Made these years ago. Might be time for a trip to Home Depot and try my hand at some new structures.

CnC Bunker. My first attempt with lots of extra details.
CnC Bunker. My first attempt with lots of extra details.
Side view.
Side view.
Get out of here Stalker!
Get out of here Stalker!
Great figs from Lead Adventure.
Great figs from Lead Adventure.
bunkers 009
Second attempt. Straight up military bunker this time. Not as many fussy bits to break off.


bunkers 008
Antenociti Workshop door. The plastic cuts easily enough with a Dremel.


bunkers 012
Camo-topped awning with sandbags and map table. High enough to squeeze figs and fingers in there.


5 responses to “Bunkers for Sho3box”

  1. They look great. Good use of repurposed scrap.

  2. Thanks for the extra snaps ccglazier!

    Although I used to enjoy greebling scratch builds when I was younger, I never felt that I got the process down to a convincing level as you have. Add to that the sometimes unhelpful types of plastic used in manufacturing those things and I ran out of patience with that approach.

    Every so often I see someone who can do it as well as you can and I reconsider …

    Lovely looking terrain.

  3. Glad you like them.
    And thanks for the kind words. They’re really less scratch builds than composites of resin scenic bits. Most of the mods are minor, easy with a dremel tool.
    You’ve got no excuse; I’ve seen your work. I’d wager you’re more than able to whip up something keen.

  4. Those are awesome!

    1. Thanks. You see Sho3box’ take on the old Imperial Firebase using Mantic terrain sprues?

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