Courting the Four Sisters

Encounter 3 in our ASOBH Campaign: Whispers of the Lich King


Arcane sigils in the ruins of St Cuthberts direct the adventurers to the Four Sisters: the ancient Scrying Stones deep on the Felldren Woods. Approaching the stones, the clerics sense the foul spirit of necromancy in the air. The elves split off to approach the stones from the flank while the clerics utter quick prayers, anoint their weapons with sacred oils, and move to confront the abomination head on.

Glade of the Four Sisters
Elf Exiles
St. Cuthbert’s Faithful
Cautiously approaching the ladies
Elves rush the left flank

As soon as the elves crest the hill, a swarm of shambling undead emerge from a copse of trees. A pack of malicious Barrow Rats charges the elf spell casters.

Elf casters face Barrow Rats
while the warriors deal with the zombies

While the slaves of the undying darkness have greater numbers, the power and prowess of the elves quickly wins the day.

elves and undead in melee

At the Sisters, a vile Necromancer appears accompanied by a savage ghast and a rabid hell hound. To add to the surprise, a vampire launches himself from the dark trees and attacks Norbert and Reinhoch

The Necromancer reveals himself with a hellhound and a ghast.
Vampire darts in on the right.

The faith of the clerics prevails as each dispatches one of the depraved slaves of darkness.

And Stay down!
You! I’m gonna kill you until you die from it.
Norbert the Novice kills his first vampire
Reinhoch vs the Necromancer

Victory! Now the heroes can consult the Four Sisters.

Consulting the Sisters.

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  1. Those are great shots. They tell the story of the game without becoming bogged down in minutiae.

    Some nifty models on show too 🙂

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