Free Fiction

SOUL CACHE – a Cyberpunk Crime Thriller set in New Kowloon.

Current fiction project, a technoir murder story set in the fictional mega city I use in my personal Hardwired games. An aging detective resorts to illegal software in the hunt for a brutal and methodical serial killer.

Here are the first Ten Chapters in PDF for free to any interested parties. Enjoy.

4 responses to “Free Fiction”

  1. Pat, your fiction is utterly SUPERB. Looking forward to reading this very much.

    1. Thanks very much. I keep at it. Live and learn.

  2. Hi, I’ve read the chapters in the download over two evenings. I found the setting compelling and the level of imagined detail is very high.
    Generally I don’t read detective/police fiction [I prefer military settings] but gave it a go because I like your stories of the Zone.
    I recommend your viewers give it a go and look forward to the next chapters.


    1. Thanks very much, Stephen. I appreciate the feedback and your willingness to try it.
      I’m not really a crime thriller guy myself, but the story came to me in that shape, so I’m forging ahead, trying to do justice to that genre’s conventions and expectations.
      Chapter 12 is nearly done. I’ll post it as soon as.
      Thanks again. Have an excellent day.

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