Coming soon: Strange Treasure

A.K.A. the short story formerly known as ‘The Vladivostok Kind”

The adventures of Zone Guide, Yuri Bonyev, continue. In finishing and editing, it became apparent ‘Strange Treasure’ was a far more appropriate title. And with that came the need for a more relevant, engaging cover. So…

To finish what I started, I’ll post the final chapter here this weekend. However, the full and polished story – “Strange Treasure. Another tale from the Exclusion Zone” – will be available at Amazon soon. Kindle only for the time being.

Thanks to everyone who read and commented. I sincerely hope you enjoyed it. Have an excellent day, comrade.

Side note: here are some images from our STALKER-flavored table top war game, ZONA ALFA. The game is coming soon from Osprey Publishing. These are 28mm figs converted and painted to act as Yuri’s crew on my Zone Runs.

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