Free Terrain to a Good Home


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Four Pieces 9″ x 14″ mounted on plexiglass. WW2-flavor ruins, change the posters and they could be any warzone or post-apoc setting.

Scratch built out of styrofoam, foam core, cardboard, I made these ages ago when I taught “Military Miniatures and Table Top Gaming” as a part of an after-school program in local middle schools. Sturdy for constant use/abuse, slightly oversized to make it easy to maneuver figs in and around, they’re veterans of hundreds of battles and have held up well.

They’re taking up needed shelf space and I figured it’s better to send them off to someone who will use them than them to collect dust. Figs are for scale and are NOT INCLUDED.

Comment here if you’re interested and we can work out a postage quote to your confirmed address.


5 responses to “Free Terrain to a Good Home”

  1. Interested! You can reach me at patrick dot rollens at gmail dot com.

  2. Interested! strongbif at gmail dot com.

    1. About an hour and already a number of responses. You’re third in line. I’ll let you know if the others pass.

    2. So you’re connected with Patrick R?

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