Free Terrain to a Good Home

  Just Pay for Shipping. Four Pieces 9″ x 14″ mounted on plexiglass. WW2-flavor ruins, change the posters and they could be any warzone or post-apoc setting. Scratch built out of styrofoam, foam core, cardboard, I made these ages ago when I taught “Military Miniatures and Table Top Gaming” as a part of an after-school […]

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Wargame classes?

I’ve mentioned previously that many years ago when my eldest was in middle school, I had the opportunity to teach ‘Military Miniatures and Table Top Gaming’ as part of an after-school enrichment program in local school system. I thought the war-toys would be a pariah, but to my surprise the response was so overwhelming from […]

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Game Night Pix

Here are some shots of Tuesday eve’s game night. Long time ago, I scribbled down some ultra-simple skirmish rules for pick-up games like this one. American forces were tasked with securing a damaged Sherman for repair crews. Germans sent a panzerschreck team and pals to finish the job. Click on the images for larger version. […]

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