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40 years wargaming and playing with toy soldiers, I’m still not a WH/40K tabletop player. I tried several times and it never took. But when Grandsons 1 and 2 caught me playing the PC game “Warhammer 40,000 : Armageddon”, they were so taken by the epic battles between Space Marines and Orks, I seized the opportunity and grabbed the “Battle for Vedros” starter game to see if I couldn’t channel some of that interest from the screen to the game table.

Well it worked. We’ve been playing very simple slugfests when they visit and they love it. They split command of the mighty Space Marines while I Warboss my way into their fields of fire and lose with all the appropriate sound effects and over-dramatized anguish.


All things considered, the Battle for Vedros set is the perfect starter for something like this: decent price point (especially if you find it on sale) a good amount of easy-assemble models, dice, a simple rule book. Terrain would have been helpful, but hey… The models have nice detail but are robust enough to stand up to rough play by 6 and 7-year old boys. Now of course I had to ‘reinforce’ the box armies, which meant a Killa Kan and an Attack Bike for sheer coolness quotient. Then a few more infantry to round out the foot sloggers. But that’s just me…

There’s lots to be said about getting kids to play a table top or board game: it gets them away from a screen, interacting with other actual people. They learn about fair play, taking chances, planning moves, accepting loss when the dice don’t roll their way, being gracious when they win, and most of all, having a blast with friends and family over little army men. They’re already leafing through the booklet, pouring over the pictures, and lobbying for more reinforcements. (“Grandpa, that tank looks cool.”)

Yes it does. It does indeed.

But I better buy some decent terrain first. Something cool looking but simple and robust, without fiddly bits that break easily. I’m open to suggestions here.

Anyway, Hats off to Games Workshop for a great little starter set. The Battle for Vedros made my grandsons quite happy.


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  1. *BUY* Terrain? When you have 2 terrain-thralls ready to help you make it???? Heresy! Seriously, though — if the kids like playing the game they’ll love making the terrain for it. I suggest the Oatmeal Apartment Tower and the Butter Tub Control Center. Let them loose with some markers, paper and glue and I suspect you’ll have some fine looking terrain in no time. Let them glue some pebbles to cardboard to make some “walls” or scatter scenery. And pipecleaners twisted together with paper leaves for trees…I suspect you’ll get as much enjoyment out of it as they will. 🙂 (I remember vividly finding a book in the library at about their age which showed how to use common household objects to build a science-fiction city. I was hooked by that — I wish I could find that book now)

    1. Ahhh, nice. I’ll start gathering appropriate containers ASAP. Maybe precut some detailing for them. Good idea.

      I decided to add another dimension to the games by making them ‘Capture the Flag’ type missions. Get them thinking about attacking while having to guard their stronghold. Introduce a touch more strategy.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Great ideas there.

  2. I recently got this, I wa already into 40k but I bought so I could get my little ones, we’ve been playing on the summer holiday and they’ve loved it. I’m interested to hear what rules you used for killa kanz and lootas?

    1. hi Nick,

      Thanks for commenting. Honestly I can’t call what we play 40K. Not really. It has the Movement, Shooting, Melee phases, but I simplified it even further. I let my grandsons SM’s Hit and Armor Save on a 4+. The Orks are 5+. Lootas roll 4 D6 when they shoot however and the Killa Kan has an Armor Save of 3+ and 2 Wounds. (Same as what I gave the Warboss.) The games are still more about them moving painted soldiers around and rolling dice. A fun, cinematic-type game. I’ll introduce hard specifics as they age. hope that helps a little. Have a great day.

      1. Yeah bit different to how I play with my bunch my eldest 2 of 4. I like what you did with the kan. We’ve played an objective game. But that went on a bit. They seem to prefer the straight up fight. I will introduce the killa kan next. I am gonna give it 2 wounds. Basically the same rules as the dread. But like half a dread. 2 wounds 2 attacks o saves allowed (we play powerfist rules on the dread)

      2. That works. TBH, I’m more concerned that my g-sons have fun wargaming than whether I teach them 40K. There are so many good options out there, if they decide to continue with the hobby, I’m sure they’ll find games they can sink their teeth into.

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