First Post of 2022

Trying to kick off the new year right, I’m pleased to say ‘Fits and Orisons‘ is now available.

A collection of five of my short stories, if you like your near future, spec-fiction with a dose of strange, this should scratch that itch. Click HERE for your copy.

This trade paperback contains ‘The Stones Remember’, ‘Sozo’, ‘A Prayer to St. Strelok’, ‘ Strange Treasure’, and the latest, ‘Soul Cache’.

Thanks and have an excellent day.

2 responses to “First Post of 2022”

  1. Happy New Year and I hope that ’22 is a good one for you.



    1. Hi Pete.

      Same to you and yours.
      2022: So far, so good.
      Hold that thought.

      Thanks for stopping by. Have an excellent day.

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