Short Stories

Writing stories is another thing that keeps me busy. More so now that I’m shifting to full-time writing.

I want to take a moment to mention seven of my short pieces that are available as audio books. Tales from the Exclusion Zone, from fifteen minutes in the future, from the gritty cyberpunk streets of New Kowloon, they don’t cost much and will keep you entertained for a couple hours while you paint your way through your backlog of minis or finish that terrain project that’s been silently reproaching you from your work bench.

So if you were looking for your next read (or listen) and want to support a freelance author and game designer, take a look these when you get a chance.

Thanks much. Have an excellent day.

3 responses to “Short Stories”

  1. Enjoyable books- I’d like more in the ‘the stones remember’ series if possible.



    1. Thanks Pete. Glad you liked TSR.
      Problem is I’ve got too many ideas churning in my head. And I’ve got unfinished projects in the queue: Shattered Worlds and Clar1ty Wars to name just two.
      I’ll put a followup story on the list.

  2. The audio books of these are all well worth a listen.

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