An Ask

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Quick ask here – if anyone’s read and enjoyed any of my fiction – The Barrow Lover, Running Black, Shift Tense (Red Flags, Soldier Dreams, Angels) or Clar1ty Wars 1: One Bad Apple – would you do me a favor and fire off a short review at either Amazon or Goodreads? Reviews and review numbers are critical to sales and awareness, especially with indie novels, and an honest review is invaluable. I’m uncomfortable pimping my work and sock-puppets aren’t my thing, but I’d like to raise my review numbers a bit before the year ends.

Writing-wise, a short story about a combat vet will finish this year’s releases. Titled ‘Sozo’ it will be out end of the month.

Next year brings the next Clar1ty Wars collection, ‘Under Strange Stars’, as well as the dark post-apocalyptic fantasy novel “The Grim Fall”, and a lighthearted project set in ancient, mystical China.

Drop me a line if you have any questions. Thank you very much.

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