In the meantime…

Miniature posts coming soon, but if near-future mil-sf is your thing, here’s some free reading. Electronic only, I’m afraid. Shift Tense Eshu International Book 2 at Amazon Have a good weekend.

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An Ask

Quick ask here – if anyone’s read and enjoyed any of my fiction – The Barrow Lover, Running Black, Shift Tense (Red Flags, Soldier Dreams, Angels) or Clar1ty Wars 1: One Bad Apple – would you do me a favor and fire off a short review at either Amazon or Goodreads? Reviews and review numbers […]

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Asking a favor

I hope this isn’t an “ask too far,” but if anyone has read and enjoyed any of my books, could you fire off a quick, honest review for Amazon and/or GoodReads? Even if you weren’t thrilled, that’s fine too. So long as it’s legit. I’m not looking for shill and gush. Genuine reviews (and review […]

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The second installment of Shift Tense – Soldier Dreams – is now available at Amazon for Kindle. Soldier Dreams at Amazon It’s got Somali pirates, killer robots, mad dictators, child soldiers, and plenty of action. What more do you need? To mark the occasion, Part One – RED FLAGS – will be free for download […]


Speaking of Science Fiction…

My next book is out. Shift Tense – Red Flags is available now at Amazon. The lads of Eshu International find themselves in the cross-fire of a nasty little civil war in future Somaliland. Description: What’s the first rule of a gunfight? Bring a bigger gun. Hired to end a vicious civil war, Eshu International’s […]

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