Blue Rose Import/Export

Character figs for our upcoming Interface Zero 2.0 games set in New Kowloon 2069.   Blue Rose I/E is one of New Kowloon’s finest independent trade services, offering secure storage, fast transport, and outstanding turnaround time for all your goods and products. Stop by our warehouse at Dock 5H – 37. North Pier, Lower New […]

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Interface Zero 2.0 @ NK69

More RPG game prep last Tuesday evening. We finished up Character Creation then read through a bit of game setting fluff on New Hong Kong in 2069. After, we ran through another simple scenario to hammer out the combat mechanics. (It’s taking me a bit to wrap my head around the granularity and pace of […]

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Cyberpunk Hero by HeroForge.

HeroForge custom miniatures is a very cool service offering a very cool product. Even an old metal snob like me has to admit 3D printing is the future of mini-wargaming, and with the detail, variety, and dynamic poses available, it’s hard to resist the urge to design a one-of-a-kind fig. So… I succumbed to temptation and […]

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Song of Mirrorshades and Shadows

FISTFUL OF SHADOWS? Here’s the table set up from last Tuesday’s Game Night. We’re in an intermission from our Fantasy “Whispers of the Liche King” campaign so I can paint up more baddies and build a couple terrain pieces.  To stay in the mood, Derek, Matt and I did a quick game of cyberpunk-flavored ASOBH […]

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Recent brushwork

Juggling too many plates (Tis the season, I suppose) but we finished up our Post Apoc campaign. Matt and Derek battled the undead and a shedload of muties in the Necropolis of San Domingo to emerge as champions of the wasteland. So well done. We’ll be playing some pickup games of Fistful of Kung Fu […]

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Storytime once again

No pictures this time –  Sorry. Here’s the title piece from the second installment of “The Clar1ty Wars – Under Strange Stars”   ***   UNDER STRANGE STARS “Versace,” the suave man nodded. A pair of impossibly beautiful women writhed on either side. He could see pores on their tanned skin, artful stubble, rippling silk, […]

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Data Theft in Dharampur

Another quick game of Fistful of Kung Fu last Tues. evening. This time, three infiltration assets carrying a stolen data chip were intercepted by a rapid response team in the dark and dirty streets of Dharampur. A sharp, short firefight ensued as the Wasp drone and two of the operators engaged security, providing cover for […]

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Fistful of Nu-Yen

Our cyberpunk variation on FoKF. Here are some shots taken ‘the morning after’. We ran four crews, two Criminal types (Voodoo 8s and Lenser’s Fiduciary Services) versus the Law. (NKPD and Nairobi Investigation) It was a straight up ‘centerfield slugfest’ so there is no real AAR worth writing. We did add a House rule that […]

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Mission: Keihin Infiltration

Been busy with work and writing, but we tried our first game of Fistful of Kung Fu last Tues eve. Two operatives (with drone support) were tasked with infiltrating Sumitomo Industries Compound. Their objectives were to sabotage the fueling station and the executive VTOL.  S.I. Security was composed of a security specialist, a Mantis drone, […]

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Keiretsu Special Action Operatives

Whilst pre-ordering two Osprey rule sets the other day, I picked up Fistful of Kung Fu. I’ve only managed a read-through so far, but it seems like a fun little game fully capable of handling cinematic cyberpunk, Splinter Cell type games. Thus inspired, I dug through the misc fig box, did a little brushwork, and […]

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