Mimetic Tees

Some of the coolest cyberpunk/sci fi shirts I’ve seen on the interwebs. Perfect for gaming, RPG sessions or con-wear, I picked up this little gem for summer.
Browse their selection and enjoy. Yes, you need one. LINK HERE

* Major geek-cred if you ID the quote without cheating. First comment with the correct answer gets a paperback copy of Shift Tense.

4 thoughts on “Mimetic Tees

  1. Some cobweb filled part if my brain dredged up the answer from almost twenty five years ago, but as I had to double check it doesn’t count.

    I must re-read it as an adult. My perspective is dramatically different now, unsurprisingly.

    1. shoe3box – re-read it. I’d be interested in your rx this time around.

      Mikko – yes, that site has a very high coolness-quotient. I was eyeing the Hosaka deck and Chatsubo Bar for a while. Let me know if you get one/which one.

      Barks – As the other two posters were honest enough to admit double-checking, you get 17,256 darseks of geek-cred, or first dibs on the galley copy of Shift Tense. Email shipping address to CCGLAZIER at GMAIL dot COM.

      sho3box and Mikko – do the same and I’ll send something your way as well.

      take care.

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