Mimetic Tees

Some of the coolest cyberpunk/sci fi shirts I’ve seen on the interwebs. Perfect for gaming, RPG sessions or con-wear, I picked up this little gem for summer.
Browse their selection and enjoy. Yes, you need one. LINK HERE

* Major geek-cred if you ID the quote without cheating. First comment with the correct answer gets a paperback copy of Shift Tense.

4 responses to “Mimetic Tees”

  1. Some cobweb filled part if my brain dredged up the answer from almost twenty five years ago, but as I had to double check it doesn’t count.

    I must re-read it as an adult. My perspective is dramatically different now, unsurprisingly.

  2. I’m thinking Neuromancer.

    1. shoe3box – re-read it. I’d be interested in your rx this time around.

      Mikko – yes, that site has a very high coolness-quotient. I was eyeing the Hosaka deck and Chatsubo Bar for a while. Let me know if you get one/which one.

      Barks – As the other two posters were honest enough to admit double-checking, you get 17,256 darseks of geek-cred, or first dibs on the galley copy of Shift Tense. Email shipping address to CCGLAZIER at GMAIL dot COM.

      sho3box and Mikko – do the same and I’ll send something your way as well.

      take care.

  3. Pretty much the same as above. Memory served correctly, but had to check. Awesome shirt, might have to buy one!

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