Happy New Year

Happy New Year. I hope 2012 closed well for you and that 2013 brings good games with good friends.

First post of the new year brings the MERCS Keizai Waza Mega-Con squad. Searching the net for non-green colors schemes turned up this very cool concept art:

The dark armor/uniform with high contrast armor plating had a nice menace, and I figured it was different enough from my usual palette to make this six-man unit stand out on the table top. Here are the results:

Waza 001
Family Shot
Waza 006
Leader sans Tac-nuke. I mean, how smart is it to traipse around a firefight with a nuke strapped on your back?
Waza 007
Demolitions brings the boom
Waza 008
Waza 009
Pathfinder. Drone Controller
Waza 010
Forward Observer/Spotter
Waza 011
Heavy HMG. Stand and Fire!

I’ll be keeping my eye out for suitable drone support.

Comments welcome. Happy Gaming!


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