Mantic Enforcers

Received my Mantic Games Enforcers the other day and finally got around to building and painting some up. Here’s some WIP Shots and comparisons with various figs.

Made with the increasingly common plastic/resin material, they are great multi-part, powered-armor human troops. Depending on your paint scheme, the generic menace lets you field them as either Stalwart Terran Defenders or Oppressive Corporate Minions.  They are slightly larger than stock figs, similar to the old StarShip Troopers plastic, but the size difference can be explained away, them being elites encased in hi-tech body armor.

While not as pose-able as you think they would be, there’s still a good dynamic and variety, and the restic? plesin? holds all that combat armor detail nicely. The range lacks vehicles and crew-served support weapons, but it will give you an excuse to stalk the internet for suitable substitutes (like this.)

Price-wise, US customers will probably find TheWarstore is their best bet. At the end of the day, if you’re looking to create a cool, non-gothic, sci fi army of human power-armor troops, these certainly fill the bill.

L to R: Lead Adventure STALKER, Mantic Enforcer, Defiance Games Marine, and Infinity fig.
Working on a generic paint scheme.
Six-man squad with NCO, troopers and two support weapons.

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  1. Hello. Can you do more photos with Enforcers from manic games + 40K; Infinity;Mercs;NRF; and if you have AT43 minis/ I am need to see sizes.

    Thank you.

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