Nov’s Brushwork

Winter is coming. Getting dark early and cold all the time. The latest brushwork is the Dogs of War set from Lead Adventure Miniatures. Had ’em for a while and just got around to finishing them. A little more basework and they’re done. They are some of the nicest, most characterful figs I’ve ever had […]

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Puppet Wars Troopers, part 2

Next and final segment on Puppet Wars 28mm resin troopers. (Scroll down for Pt 1) Sorry no WIP shots for my usual fast and dirty brushwork. Simple prime, drybrush, details, inks, more details, bases, then seal. Good for table top standard. WW2 is next on the game schedule, but I’ll break out the Interior Boards […]

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Oct20 Latest Brushwork

Concentrating on the new Puppet Wars figs, all I’ve managed to finish are a pair of Support Drones for my RusEnergia crew (modified Mercs USCR) and a metal Capt Brother Stern to add to my small metal space marine collection. (An old metal Dreadnought just arrived in the mail, so that’s in the queue)

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Couldn’t resist

Bucket-loads of potential for these guys. I enjoy supporting quality work, especially smaller companies, and there’s lots of nice hobby stuff coming out of Eastern Europe. These are multi-part, pose-able resin, which is cool enough, but the two-handed pistol shooting sergeant pushed me over the edge. Order placed. More HERE

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Sept brushwork

Apologies – Been a while since I posted. I’m in the middle of a large leaded glass restoration, releasing my next book, and writing a ghost story. Plus family, church… Aug/Sept brushwork. I’m seriously hoping CB makes some more Chaksas. Big fan, here. Rumor is GW is coming out with a skirmish game. I’ve got […]

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Game Night 8/27

So I’m getting a little jealous of the camera on my buddy’s phone. And I lost this time, which rubs salt in the wound. It’s kinda pissing me off. OK, got that out of the way. Any recommendations on a decent digital camera for minis? All our recent games have been straight up brawls, what […]

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