Review: Hatsan 22 cal. SuperTact Rifle/Pistol


If you’re into backyard plinking, you need one of these.

I’m firmly in the ‘recreational shooter’ category. I’m not one of those Doomsday Preppers burying an AK, 1,000 rounds and tinned peaches in my back yard against the Coming Crisis, or sporting a Desert Eagle in a shoulder rig under my leather jacket hoping someone tries to mug me. I want to spend a sunny afternoon with friends knocking down tin cans and perforating paper without my wallet screaming in protest over a couple hundred rounds.

So when the local public range closed due to complaints and insurance difficulties, and firearm ammo became scarce and/or overpriced, I returned to my first love: pellet guns.

Single shot 22 caliber, break-barrel, spring-action carbine, the Hatsan SuperTact is a ton of fun. Search the interwebs, you find mixed reviews. “Heavy, wobbly, cheaply made, inaccurate…” Mine is excellent. Factory have a good run that day? Work out the bugs? Who knows?

I picked mine up from PyramydAir during a “xx% off PLUS free shipping” sale and I’m glad I did. Seeing how much money I would save with the discount, I geeked the Hatsan out with the air-gun equivalent of a muzzle brake and a decent scope. Whole package came in $232, which included a 500 count tin of Crosman Premier .22 Cal, 14.3 Grains, Hollowpoint pellets. Shoot all day long and bring a friend.

Yes, it’s heavy. Yes, it takes strength to cock. Yes, you need the stock/carbine configuration. But by God does it slam ’em downrange; at 450 f/s, it shreds pineapple cans. Add the scope, and I bet you’ll drive tacks with it. And if you need to de-varmint your yard, this is a great, inexpensive alternative to a full-size pellet rifle like a Diana or Gamo.

So far, it’s been solid and reliable, and everyone who shoots it, instantly wants one. Overall, I’d say this is an excellent value for the money and a perfect way to spend an afternoon with friends without breaking the bank.

Just check your local laws and ordinances before ordering, and always follow proper gun safety rules. Be safe. Be smart. Have fun.

UP NEXT: The full H+ Transhuman Coalition Crew for Pulp Alley.

29.5" end to end. 32.5" with stock at full extension.
29.5″ end to end. 32.5″ with stock at full extension.
UTG 4 x 32 Scope with lighted reticle
UTG 4 x 32 Scope with lighted reticle
Air Stripper
Air Stripper

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