Puppet Wars Troopers, part 2

Next and final segment on Puppet Wars 28mm resin troopers. (Scroll down for Pt 1) Sorry no WIP shots for my usual fast and dirty brushwork. Simple prime, drybrush, details, inks, more details, bases, then seal. Good for table top standard. WW2 is next on the game schedule, but I’ll break out the Interior Boards […]

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Oct20 Latest Brushwork

Concentrating on the new Puppet Wars figs, all I’ve managed to finish are a pair of Support Drones for my RusEnergia crew (modified Mercs USCR) and a metal Capt Brother Stern to add to my small metal space marine collection. (An old metal Dreadnought just arrived in the mail, so that’s in the queue)

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Photos from Game Night

Kem Var Intercept team ambushed Rus-Energia security escorting a high-value asset through a light industrial center. Home-brew rules called ‘Cleared to Engage” in effect. Valiant effort by the Kem-Var but the steel glacier prevailed. Obfu gear ain’t nuthin’ in a storm of 7.62mm rounds, baby. Killer is my buddy’s phone camera takes better pictures than […]

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Picked up a MERCS USCR Starter on eBay. Love MERCS figs, the skirmish-level gaming concept, the versatile starter teams, but the rules leave me underwhelmed. I have KemVar and Keizai Waza factions, an expanded FCC force, a proxy CCC unit (modified some Heresy Miniatures troopers) and I’ve had my eye on the big boys of […]