With no light in the depths under the mountain, we lost track of time. Still the trail led on. After many days, we found ourselves in the beast’s lair. Its floor was littered with bones, and the stench of ordure and musk nearly overpowered us. Lanman, Preece, and Owena spread out, weapons ready, torches high. Valmai cocked the hammers on her pistols while I raised my staff.

It was Andreas who ventured in first. It was Andreas who was the first to die.

  • Ysbail Tanner, Blade Master. 1147 CE.
    Excerpt from “The Hunt for Serocid Esul, the Black Wurm of Gravemore.”


Terror and Treasure in the Dark Corners of the World.

This is a game about killing monsters. All kinds, anywhere, any time.

You and your friends are members of the NIGHTWATCH: an ancient order of warriors, trackers, wizards, and alchemists dedicated to hunting down and destroying the malevolent creatures that terrorize humanity.

Over the course of the game, your characters will rise through the ranks of their chosen Guild, gaining experience and unlocking new skills as they fight ever more dangerous enemies on the blood-soaked path to confront their ultimate quarry.