The Crossroads at Blyatsk




Difficulty: Cake Walk

Mission Area: A small evacuated town just inside the Exclusion Zone Cordon.

Mission Objective: A disabled military vehicle sits at the crossroads in center of town. The vehicle holds a military map of nearby wooded area that shows military access roads, foot paths, and location of fuel and supply cache. Obviously whoever has the map has a tremendous advantage over other crews.

Mission Objective Hostiles: Zombified crew of military vehicle. Minimum of four zombies. Use standard Spawn rules to determine placement as soon as vehicle area is approached.

Mission Duration: 6 Turns. The military is on their way to recover the bodies and vehicle contents. Players must retrieve information before end of turn 6.  A Search will turn up map. Game ends as soon as the map is found.

Two squads are vying for the salvage: Timur Bok and the Ivans, and Savak the Weasel with the Boris Bunch. Both are kitted out similarly, with Bok’s military-trained squad boasting a touch more fire power while Savak and his bunch have a slight speed advantage.

Weasel and the Boris Bunch
Timur Bok and the Ivans


CHARACTER NAME: Lieutenant Timur Bok

FACTION: Military                        WOUNDS: 2

EXPERIENCE: Veteran = 3 Actions/Activation



6″/Action         5                                 Mil-Body Armor(6)     7



MP443 GRACH Pistol   M-12″              1                           0

AK74 Assault Rifle       1″- 36″             3                           1


Military Body Armor: Armor 6. Model counts as Obscured Target from Ranged Attacks when in Cover.

Med-Kit: (1) Self-administer. No Action Cost. Restores model to Full Health or automatically replaces one wound result with two Pin counters. Player’s choice.

Hand Grenade: (2) Range: 1″-18″ FP: 1 Dam: 2/model. SBT (Small Blast Template)


Leader: This ability confers two benefits: Command Action and Morale Boost.

Command Action – when Activated, this model has 1 extra action available for fellow squad members. This action cannot be used for itself but must be spent on another squad member. Think of it as an Order. It can be given any time during the Leader’s Activation. This extra Action cannot be saved or rolled over into the next turn, and must be used immediately and resolved. Recipient must be within 12” of the leader and able to perform the Action.

Morale Boost – Any fellow squad member in 12” of the Leader can add 1 to their Will Rolls. This bonus applies to both Pin Checks and Skill Checks.

Unload: When this model spends two consecutive actions on a Ranged Attack against a single target with an appropriate weapon, it adds two bonus dice to the combined firepower roll. Unload represents emptying the weapon’s clip. After using the Unload Ability, the model must spend 1 action to ‘reload’ the weapon before it can be fired normally.


The battle begins with both sides splitting into two-man teams and approaching the center of town across a wide front.

Next, one of the Ivans performs a ‘Bolt Toss’ at the disabled BTR-80 and triggers the Zone Hostiles linked to that Objective. It’s a good throw and CLANG – The zombified crew of the BTR lurches out of the shadows and heads straight for the first character they see: shotgun Boris in the blue hoodie. Chert!

Even though AK Boris drops two of them, the remaining ones are drawn to the blue hoodie. Meanwhile, Timur Bok and GPMG Ivan have taken up position in the tall ruins overlooking town center. It’s a superb vantage point and they open up on Savak’s crew, shredding them mercilessly. (a smoke grenade would have come in handy)

Even though Shotgun Boris blasts the remaining shufflers to pieces, Bok’s superior firepower from an elevated position proves to be too much for Savak and his pals. They are swiftly cut down, leaving the BTR ripe pickings. Game over, man. Game over.



Everyone had a good time. This was an introductory mission with one objective, no salvage spots, anomalies or hostiles present at the star of the game.  Lessons learned? Bullets are not your friend. Straying into the open is a good way to die fast so stay in cover, stock up on smoke grenades.

And toss your bolts! (more on that later)

Have premium day , comrade.