Black Friar Security

Was pleased to get my order of Hasslefree Moderns right before Christmas. I retired to the War Room first chance, and set about assembling and priming them up. Now one of the many nice things about these figs – apart from little to no flash, crisp casting, excellent dynamic – was the extra weapon options. And, seeing them there on the painting table, I had to put them in someone’s hands. (No such thing as “extra” guns!) So… I dug out my MaxMini torsos and legs, scrounged up some left arms and helmeted heads, then kitbashed two extra squaddies.

Fluff-wise, I imagined these guys as a veteran “private security” outfit – one I’ve designated “Black Friar.” Battlefield necessity would require some sort of consistent uniform, but the mongrel nature of the crew means each member would be partial to certain gear. Hence the P90, the G36, an M4, and my personal favorite, the AS VAL. (If they ever make an airsoft version…) They also work for Near-Future or PA military types.

I’ll get these guys in a game ASAP. Comments welcome. Click for larger images. Take Care.

Squad shot
Squad shot
Captain Archie Parkin and Sultis Pentele
Captain Archie Parkin and Sultis Pentele
Ostap Muravyov and Kai Boyle
Ostap Muravyov and Kai Boyle
Zachary Marsden and Cary Hinde
Zachary Marsden and Cary Hinde

Happy New Year

Happy New Year. I hope 2012 closed well for you and that 2013 brings good games with good friends.

First post of the new year brings the MERCS Keizai Waza Mega-Con squad. Searching the net for non-green colors schemes turned up this very cool concept art:

The dark armor/uniform with high contrast armor plating had a nice menace, and I figured it was different enough from my usual palette to make this six-man unit stand out on the table top. Here are the results:

Waza 001
Family Shot
Waza 006
Leader sans Tac-nuke. I mean, how smart is it to traipse around a firefight with a nuke strapped on your back?
Waza 007
Demolitions brings the boom
Waza 008
Waza 009
Pathfinder. Drone Controller
Waza 010
Forward Observer/Spotter
Waza 011
Heavy HMG. Stand and Fire!

I’ll be keeping my eye out for suitable drone support.

Comments welcome. Happy Gaming!


Latest Brushwork Nov. 12

Android from Reaper, Cog fig and DP9 drone used in 28mm gaming.
Android from Reaper, Cog fig and DP9 drone used in 28mm gaming.
Infinity Nomad
Infinity Nomad
5dec12 015
Two Infinity Spec Ops figs
5dec12 010
CoGS, baby!
5dec12 004
Combined Army troops
Combined Army heavies
Combined Army heavies

Smattering of sci fi figs including some Infinity Combined Army, couple new Spec Ops, some old Reaper *not-Gears-of-War*, and  an Infinity Nomad. Gotta work on my picture-taking set up and techniques.

ODST Wanna-bes

Been watching “Forward Unto Dawn” on YouTube and tried my hand at ODST conversions. Old metal GW scouts, Pig Iron heads and weapon swaps. Didn’t turn out as nice as I’d hoped, but they’re game-able.  See my initial inspiration here. (dwartist is a miniature painting god, btw. that make him a demi-god?)



Nice bullpup-style AR from Pig Iron. Left had has a pistol form the old VOID range
alas, the spirit of dwartist was not upon me.
Old-school ‘braced for action!’ pose.