Cleared to Engage

Free Download of our Home-Brew rules for Near-Future, Sci-Fi and Post Apoc skirmish games.


You can find pictures from our CtE games here: Black on Black or Code 105

This is the First Fully-written Iteration, so Questions, Input, Feedback are welcome. Thanks and enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Cleared to Engage”

  1. I just took a look at your rules and was very intrigued. I was wondering if you could include a section on play balance since there is no “point system”. I think it would be fairly easy to make balanced forces of comparable abilities. All of your pictured teams / crews appear to be balanced. Do you have any suggestions for elites versus rabble (i.e. 40K Marines versus Genestealer Cult) ?

    1. Hi Scott,
      My games tend to be story-driven, so ‘points’ don’t factor in much. As far as an elite v. rabble, I’d ratio 3:1 rabble to elites and set up the scenario so that both sides stand a chance of winning if they play smart.

  2. Gosh, I’m flattered you like CtE enough to try it, let alone ask for tips. IMO, try an Escort VIP mission or Sabotage Terrain Item. Set a Turn Limit. Have straightforward, measurable objectives.

    For forces, give each a distinct flavor/fighting style, i.e. light & fast or armored/heavy firepower, or tech reliant. Spice up a couple character leader/specialists backed by a squad of redshirt grunts to generate some story tension.

    That’s pretty general, but I don’t know your club or fig collection, so…

    Just do do me a favor and send pictures, would you?

    Thanks again.

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