More pictures of the Industrial Center

Fortunate to have a sizable collection of Sci Fi/P-A/Near-Future terrain for 28mm, the Industrial Center being popular.

Here are some more pictures of the current set up. Most of it is Litko Industrial Terrain System kits permanently attached to MDF boards, then accessorized with resin pieces, tubing, bitz. There’s a scratch-built office/garage, some fences, a three-story building (can’t recall whose) some Armorcast pieces, walls, tank traps. Top it off with some eBay pieces and voilà – a dingy, dismal portion of the Apocalypse suitable for vicious firefights, blood-crazed, Rad-zombies, ruthless mercs, with a sprinkling of scavenge-able loot.






Game Night Pix

Here are some shots of Tuesday eve’s game night. Long time ago, I scribbled down some ultra-simple skirmish rules for pick-up games like this one. American forces were tasked with securing a damaged Sherman for repair crews. Germans sent a panzerschreck team and pals to finish the job. Click on the images for larger version. Americans took the first game hands-down. The replay saw the Germans come back hard.

Peaceful hamlet of Du Fromage
Peaceful hamlet of Du Fromage
WW2Gamenight 004
American rifle squads advance
WW2Gamenight 005
BAR team moves up to protect the objective
WW2Gamenight 006
Jeeps are good. Jeeps with machine guns are better.
WW2Gamenight 011
German rifle squad and LMG team put pressure on American right.
WW2Gamenight 012
Tank Hunters move in trying to finish the job and destroy the Sherman.
WW2Gamenight 014
SS squad and MG42 team leapfrog through the farm yard.

Psyching myself up

Managed to game with a friend last night. Been ages. Tense but simple missions, he won both, good fun.

That said, I know winter is coming (snark) and business will slow down. So I’m prepping for a solo campaign using Two Hour Wargames’ “After The Horsemen” ruleset.

Psyching myself up: here are some shots using last night’s terrain.

The base was abandoned for a reason. German Marines can’t read the sign.

I hate rats. Especially giant, mutant rats.

Stalkers at the oil tank.

“I said this way.”
“Yeah but what’s over here?”


Played a demo the other day at my FLGS – Game – on 6A in Barnstable, MA.  – and decided it was time to move my KemVar up a few spots in the painting queue. I still need to mark facings on the bases, but I’m pleased with the results:

All six figs in the current Kem Var range
Monkeywrench, Sniper, Grenadier
Assault Leader, Assassin, Heavy

Seeing as MERCS is usually demo-ed on small gaming areas, I re-purposed a couple old pieces of terrain for an outdoor industrial setting.  Needs a bit more weathering and some additional resin scenics for clutter/cover, but I think it’s acceptable.

2′ x 2′ demo area


Now to carve out some time and get back to GNN for more gaming.