Figs from the new and improved painting desk.

So my painting desk used to look like this:

A truly God-awful mess of paint jars, brushes, figs, bitz and X-acto blades. Than a timely review of Hobby Zone’s Paint Station and Hobby Organizer on Table Top Gaming News prompted a spasm of  well, organization. Overseas shipping was a killer, but the situation was dire enough for me to bite the bullet. I’m glad I did.

The Organizer was a kit of laser cut plywood that required a bit of glue and mallet work to assemble. It went together reasonably well, and it certainly is large enough for tools, bases, bits, tape, glue and what-not. I mean it’s not Shaker-furniture, but it’s sturdy and does the job.

The Paint Station arrived assembled. Someone in Customs must have drop-kicked it at some point of the journey from Poland, because there was a nasty crack in the bottom surface on the left side. Not serious enough to return, but ugly. The paint tray covers it, so no worries. Good thing is now I can see what paints I own and sort my brushes by quality instead of pawing through the pick-up stick pile for my good 10/0.

Inspired, I colored up some of the primed figs sitting in the queue. Here’s the latest brushwork:

Kit Bash – Wasteland Warrior. Merc legs, Defiance Games torso, arms and weapon, Merc backpack, Pig Iron head.

Another angle. Base has a container from Rebel Minis and a Mantic ghoul head for character.

I’m not a fantasy gamer, but found the dynamic on this Warmachine character pretty keen. (On Right)  I also painted up a power armor suit for Mike McVey’s Sedition Wars. (On Left)

This one has a  certain brute utilitarian menace that actually looks like it would fit a human figure.

Here’s the rest of my Sedition Wars figs. I like this range, so much so I participated in my first KickStarter campaign and backed the upcoming Sedition wars box set.

Defiance Games Marines

Plastic, multi-part, near-future Marines. Reasonably priced, no less. What’s not to like? They’re perfect for bog-standard grunts, near-future skirmish, Aliens/Doom gun-crawls, whatever your preference.

Finished my first squad and went on to kit bash another from the extra legs, after-market armored torsos, Pig Iron heads, and a GW Scout head for the squad leader. Always tricksy mixing parts from different companies, but these work well. It’s nice to know you can maximize that squad box for a few minutes on eBay and couple bucks.

Well done Defiance Games.

Pictures from the Zone.

For those that aren’t familiar with the hobby, I’m posting some shots of figures and terrain.  These are exclusively 28mm, post-apocalyptic genre, but  figs, rules, and terrain are available for nearly every conceivable historical period, theater, or imaginary setting possible. Rules simulate combat and interaction in the battlefield at varying levels of detail. The figs are hand-painted (by me) and much of the terrain scratch-built.