Mercifully, our weekly game sessions continue here at Cape Cod Wargame Commission. (Nothing like slaying monsters and defeating villains with friends to help you retain your sanity) Although we have reduced numbers, we do have a new member: Neighbor Mike.

Four of us have embarked on another excursion into the great forest of Davokar. This time, the Duke Sesario’s crew of ‘practical diplomats’ was charged to inspect one of their Duke’s latest business acquisitions: a logging camp on the forest’s southern edge.

There is some speculation as to exactly how the Duke acquired a controlling interest in the venture, seeing as the enterprise was started by a rival Duke, but nonetheless, our heroes are on their way to assert Duke Sesario’s authority.

Our Heroes

a gentrified barbarian with a war hound, a shapeshifting brawler, and a changeling staff mage. Ally NPCs are a dual-wielding fighter and a Medicus who’s deadly with a crossbow.

Game Photos

Act 1 saw the party arrive at the town of Thistlehold only to discover their NPC guides being attacked by unknown thugs. One NPC was severely wounded, the second – the medicus Rikka – was persuaded to continue with them. A replacement fighter – Akkeson – was hired to bolster the crew.

In Act 2 – the forest road journey – the party came across an injured war hound protecting the body of his former master from a baiagorn. (bear-like beast) A fight ensued and the party swiftly dispatched the creature. (Akkeson for MVP with dual-wield back stab) Turns out the corpse was a courier from the court of the rival duke and was carrying a fair amount of gold coins and a coded letter addressed to the logging camp overseer. (plot-thickening ingredients)

With intrigue mounting, the party arrived at the camp to find the workers tense and on guard against unknown assailants. Seems a 20 person logging party went missing in a stretch of old growth half a day’s journey north.

A little B & E in the overseer’s cabin turned up evidence of his treachery. (and his boot-licking, delicacy-hording, embezzling ways) Camp foreman get a promotion and the party set out the next morning for the site where the laborers disappeared.

a rune stone, ancient ruins, and evidence of slaughter await our heroes.

That’s it for now. I can’t recommend the Symbaroum setting and system enough. Smooth mechanics, rich lore, flexible character creation, gorgeous artwork. If you’re an RPG-er interested in narrative games, it’s worth looking into.

That’s it for me. More soon. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Loggerheads

  1. Thank you for sharing Patrick -your batreps are always wntertaining informative and well writter – theyre raising my morale while in hospital with covid

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