Zone Hostiles

That’s a lot of big rats.

Zona Alfa is a competitive, multi-player game where you and your opponent fight to accomplish mission objectives and acquire valuable salvage. However, other players aren’t the only enemies you need to be worried about in the Exclusion Zone.

Each game feature a central Mission Objective, as well as a number of Hot Spots. These are locations that not only contain valuable salvage, but spawn enemies as well.  ‘Zone Hostiles’, in game terms. These Hostiles can be anything from swarms of mutated vermin to shambling mobs of brain scorched soldiers, gangs of greedy bandits to a pack of large nasty creatures. Whenever a location is triggered, these Zone denizens will appear and attack whoever disturbed that particular area. 

Be aware, all regions in the Exclusion Zone are classed by ‘Threat Level’, a metric that takes into account not just the inhabitants of that area but local environmental hazards, the presence of anomalies, and the traffic/migration routes of known predators, human or otherwise. The low-level danger areas tend to be on the Zone’s outer perimeter with the Threat Levels increasing as one draws nearer to the center.

A Bevy of Bandits

This doesn’t mean types of Zone Hostiles restrict themselves to certain regions; crews run across Rats of Unusual Size and packs of feral dogs wherever they go. Because Troop Quality in Zona Alfa is based on the number of actions a model may take per turn, this simply means they’re just more vicious and cunning in the higher Threat Level sectors.

 Zona Alfa has a distinct aesthetic and leans into a well-worn Eastern European setting. But that doesn’t mean you can only use specific miniatures. On the contrary, the Alpha Exclusion Zone/Zona Alfa is simply the first and largest. There are rumors of other Zones scattered all across the globe, each one being explored by those brave and crazy enough to risk its peculiar challenges and face the local threats. This post features several types of Zone Hostiles that crop up in our games. Follow your imagination and adapt your missions and your game to your preferences and miniature collection. Whatever you choose, I wish you good luck and good hunting. St. Strelok watch over you.

UPDATE JAN 10, 2020

Figured I should add these Snork mods made from Reaper Bones Zombies and Secret Weapon Gasmask heads.

Oh and a new Bloodsucker.

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  1. Heck yeah! This is one aspect of the game that I’m totally prepared for. I’ve got a huge collection of zombies, ghouls, muties, pests, beasts, and other baddies leftover from my post-apoc gaming days.

  2. Excellent. That’s the idea behind my gaming and games these days: get all those random cool miniatures back on the table and back to work.

  3. Those look
    great- will have to find some suitable models for my 20mm collection. I’m fine for zombies though… the rest I’ll get from CP models.



    1. Pete, Reaper Bones has a nice selection of inexpensive vermin. And they’re mutated, right? So they don’t have to be in scale.

      1. Cool- will add them to my order next time I stock up on paints.



  4. Stephen Frederick Caddy Avatar
    Stephen Frederick Caddy

    I found the hints about other zones interesting but you’ve got me reading Metro 2033 for this one!

    1. Haven’t read any of the Metro books. Liked the game tho. (not as much as STALKER) How are the books?

      1. Absolutely amazing! Metro 2033 really sets the tone for this genre.

      2. Or STALKER, sure. Glad you like them.

  5. airbornegrove26 Avatar

    I actually said outloud “Geez those are some big rats” as soon as I saw that first pic. LOL The idea of the hot zones seems really cool.

  6. Those Snorks and the Bloodsucker are awesome! What category Zone Hostile would they fall under? Zombies, Rad Ghouls or Mutants?

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