Modular Dungeon finished

New and Improved Dungeon. Now with doors and more rubble!

Marking this project as complete. Finally.

What started as a fit of inspiration after finding a bunch of left over faux-stone vinyl tiles during a basement clean up is now a fairly well-accessorized modular dungeon, complete with dank, dark halls, cramped junctions, a King’s Crypt, a Library, a Dwarf Tomb, a Treasure Room, and a Cryptic Rune Room.

The tile total is three 12″ x 12″s, six 6″ x 12″s, four 6″x 6″ rooms, four 6″ x 6″ junctions, and six doors.

Here are some close ups:

Whole thing, materials, scenic items from Reaper, Mantic, and Deep Cuts, came in at $130. Total elbow-grease spent couldn’t be more than 40 hours, so I’d say it was worth it.

If I had a do over, I’d purchase a wire cutter table saw to ensure every wall piece was plumb and precisely cut. Reduce those gaps. Also, I’d use an epoxy to glue the wall sections to the vinyl tiles. The Weldbond white glue isn’t up to the job. Live and learn.

It definitely works tho and looks good for our games. Here are some action shots:

I’m sure I’ll be adding more terrain details as I run across them, but I’m calling the Dungeon of Sagra Bayar finished. Now on to the next item on the To Do list.

Have a great day.

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  1. That looks great- should give you years of gaming service.



    1. Thanks man. I certainly hope so. It’s reasonably sturdy and versatile. And much less expensive than Dwarven Forge.

  2. Oh wow! That looks fantastic, I love all the scenic details and the ‘action shots’ are brilliant. Proper dungeon envy.

    1. Thanks. The details make it, IMO. So much so I keep telling myself it’s done but then run across statues or some such scenic bit and say “oh yeah but THIS would look so cool in that corner…”
      I gotta move onto my cyberpunk terrain.

  3. Stephen Frederick Caddy Avatar
    Stephen Frederick Caddy

    As someone who’s enjoyed games of Hardwired [and posted it on Flickr], I look forward to your scenic foray into Cyberpunk – judging on the success of your new dungeon [I nearly said shiny new but I guess it’s more grimy new.
    I also enjoy the Zone stories, thanks.


    1. Thank you Stephen. Much appreciated. Yes, I’ve got to stop fussing with the dungeon and start fussing with New Kowloon 2069 for Hardwired 2.0. And whatever other mirrorshades-and-chrome shenanigans we can cook up here.
      Oh and I’m glad you enjoy Yuri’s adventures. There’s another on the way.

  4. That looks absolutely brilliant, really good job, and the workload doesn’t sound too bad either!

    1. Thanks man. Now on to the next project.

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