Terrain for Interface Zero 2.0

In preparation for our upcoming cyberpunk RPG games, (both Pathfinder and Savage Worlds iterations) the tabletop miniature gamer in me demanded suitable 3D terrain.  Can’t have chrome and mirrorshade minis blasting away on mere gridded map tiles, can we?

So I went for a low cost, minimal labor 2 x 3 playing area using WorldWorks ‘Streets of Titan’ tiles and Plast Craft buildings. Added some posters, some scatter terrain, and it’s starting to take shape. There’s another pile of inexpensive Mantic plastic scenics in the queue, and I’d love to pick up at least two suitable vehicles, but it’s pretty much done. Let me know your thoughts.

Couple things I learned:

  • Paper terrain hint: get matt sticker paper (full sheet) for your printer.  Probably obvious to you all, (bit slow, I am) but it made the whole process far easier and cleaner.
  • Plast Craft Pre-colored Buildings  are pretty cool. Got mine at Miniature Market. Price is good, pre-cut, printed colors and details are crisp. Easy assembly with super glue, add some posters and scenics to taste, and you’re good to go.  Highly recommend.

Here are some pictures:


That’s all for now. Have a good week.




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  1. Christopher D Lites Avatar
    Christopher D Lites

    Where did you find the posters and the graffiti?

    1. The graffiti mural is a Corvus Belli Infinity decal. The posters are from assorted google searches. Try ‘Cyberpunk signs’ .

      1. Compiled a bunch onto a Word Doc. Scroll down to the bottom of the post. That should get you started.

      2. Thanks much!

  2. The wall of holo signs, I know I’ve seen them online. Which company, if I may? I’ve got two acrylic ads I need to put together.

    1. Blue on the right? Impudent Mortal. I have two of them actually. Both are on the board.

      1. That’s it! I always forget their name. They have that awesome one for 65 dollars, as I recall, too.

  3. Aha, it’s the same set I was looking at. You like the rest of it?

    1. Yes. The three-sided raised platform makes for a good centerpiece. Still looking for cheap but appropriate vehicles.

      1. Christopher D Lites Avatar
        Christopher D Lites

        I have toy cars (1:43) I bought from Walgreens. I can look at the name of the company if you want. There’s also several paper options. World Works Games has hover type cars and a Blade Runner-look spinner. Genet has several trucks that look cyberpunk. There’s also the Mantis, which is a small cyber-smart car paper model. Let me know if you want the paper or links or want something more sturdy. There’s an awesome Peugeot concept car available on eBay, but they are all in Europe with high shipping. So, it would work out to 20+ American dollars for each.

  4. Yeah, I was thinking of diecast concept cars but was unsure of what to search for on eBay. The name of those Walgreens cars would be great. Thanks so much.

    1. This is the name of the Peugeot: N876 NOREV 1/43 PEUGEOT
      The name on my modern sporty cars is: Kinsmart (Made in China). One of the SKU numbers is: 9010209575
      There are a couple more 1/43 concept car types on eBay I like as well, but I cannot remember the names.

      1. The Peugot is perfect and yes, the shipping price sucks. I’ll look into the Kinsmart. Thanks again.

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