KS: Star Troopers


A “For What it’s Worth” post.

Kickstarter-burn notwithstanding,  I’m pleased I backed the S.T.A.R. Troopers project by RBJ Game Company. Generic SF figs, metal cast (not plastic or resin or restic) Bobby Jackson sculpts, fulfillment this year, reputable company… their cool, almost retro aesthetic and low price point gave me confidence to pledge after swearing ‘Never Again’. (Rocket Games/ Last Saga, mutter, mutter, mutter)

Anyway, they are already funded. Pop over to Kickstarter and take a look. YMMV, but I can see lots of uses for these in my hobby world. I’m looking forward to receiving mine.

LINK: KickStarter: STAR Troopers

Pix of my LPL Entry 2 coming up. Have a good day.


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