Game Night: ASOBH

What little hobby time I have lately has been dedicated to Fantasy figs and terrain for our upcoming Advanced Song Of Blades and Heroes campaign. Also, I plan on entering three of the human warbands in this year’s Lead Adventure painting contest. While I can’t post pics of the pjs before the official entry date, I do have some shots of last night’s table, the Gnoll warband, plus a couple extra fantasy characters on new terrain pieces.

I’m sticking with Reaper figs. Doing good so far, what with the huge variety and excellent quality of the sculpts. We’re still running one-of games to familiarize ourselves with the ASOBH rules. Someone once noted that you know a particular rule set is good if after the game, you talk about the game rather than the rules. By that standard, we are extremely  happy with ASOBH.

I will also say the change in genre from Sci Fi to Fantasy has reinvigorated my painting. I’m very much looking forward to these games.


Homestead raided by vicious Gnolls
The aforementioned vicious Gnolls. Reaper Bones hold detail and paint quite well.
Reaper Viking/Barbarian badass


Face off at the Shrine of the Skystone.


SoBH Terrain and Baddies

So the reason posts have been so sparse lately is I plan on entering this year’s Last Painter Standing contest over at the Lead Adventure Forum. Trick is, none of the figs can have been shown on the internet prior to entering, and my latest brushwork has mostly been focused on entries.  I don’t harbor any illusions of winning – there are far too many excellent painters out there – but I think my pjs can hold their own for a few rounds at least.

If you’re not a member at LAF, you should seriously consider joining. The site has avid gamers in every period, genre and scale. The ones I’ve encountered are great, creative folks. The forums focus on war gaming, while the controversial issues that usually constipate forums (politics, religion, porn and slagging companies) are kept to a minimum.

My gaming group is ramping up to do some serious Fantasy gaming using Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes. We’ve been running practice skirmishes to familiarize ourselves with the rules, and while I can’t post pictures of the adventuring parties, I did snap a few shots of some new terrain and several Baddies.

Metal Snob that I am, the adventurers are all metal Reaper figs while the bulk baddies that the table will generate are Reaper Bones figs. Sorry these aren’t the best pics. (Orcs aren’t very photogenic anyway) I’ll try to get better shots this weekend.

Wish me luck for the contest.

Have an excellent day.