Game Night Shots

Quick Gun Crawl last Tues eve as a salvage crew was contracted to infiltrate an abandoned bio-tech research lab and download files from three specific terminals. “Oh and there might be rogue specimens wandering the halls. If you would be so kind? Thanks.” Salvagers got off to a rough start, reaching Terminal One but losing […]

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Recent brushwork

Juggling too many plates (Tis the season, I suppose) but we finished up our Post Apoc campaign. Matt and Derek battled the undead and a shedload of muties in the Necropolis of San Domingo to emerge as champions of the wasteland. So well done. We’ll be playing some pickup games of Fistful of Kung Fu […]

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Storytime once again

No pictures this time –  Sorry. Here’s the title piece from the second installment of “The Clar1ty Wars – Under Strange Stars”   ***   UNDER STRANGE STARS “Versace,” the suave man nodded. A pair of impossibly beautiful women writhed on either side. He could see pores on their tanned skin, artful stubble, rippling silk, […]

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