Yes, Please. One of my favorite games and IMO, the gold standard of translating table top wargaming to PC.

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Data Theft in Dharampur

Another quick game of Fistful of Kung Fu last Tues. evening. This time, three infiltration assets carrying a stolen data chip were intercepted by a rapid response team in the dark and dirty streets of Dharampur. A sharp, short firefight ensued as the Wasp drone and two of the operators engaged security, providing cover for […]

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Story Time. With Pictures

An original short story, ‘Sozo’. Illustrations by Tim Teague. Enjoy. *** Taking a piss and there was a pistol in the sink. A wedge of dull slate black on shiny white porcelain. It was big – sexy in an ugly way, like a Tijuana hooker. Curves that snuggle in your palm and jack you all […]

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