Fistful of Nu-Yen

Our cyberpunk variation on FoKF. Here are some shots taken ‘the morning after’. We ran four crews, two Criminal types (Voodoo 8s and Lenser’s Fiduciary Services) versus the Law. (NKPD and Nairobi Investigation) It was a straight up ‘centerfield slugfest’ so there is no real AAR worth writing. We did add a House rule that […]

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Blood Trails in the Rubble

More photos from recent game night. Matt brought a friend, so we used our simple Cleared To Engage home-brew rules and kept the mission a straight-up brawl: two teams recovery teams battling through urban ruins for a crashed VTOL’s black box. Heresy troopers and an old VOID grav bike formed the NorAm team while MERCS […]

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Wasteland Patrol #3: Cleaning Day

Some photos from last Tues’ Game Night. Sorry I didn’t get these posted sooner: camera cable port broke, so it took a few days to get a card reader from Amazon. Anyway… the intrepid Wasteland Lawmen were at it again, with the help of Dog Boy and a Gun-for-Hire named Lucius. A water trader brought […]

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Mission: Keihin Infiltration

Been busy with work and writing, but we tried our first game of Fistful of Kung Fu last Tues eve. Two operatives (with drone support) were tasked with infiltrating Sumitomo Industries Compound. Their objectives were to sabotage the fueling station and the executive VTOL.¬† S.I. Security was composed of a security specialist, a Mantis drone, […]

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